Shiny. Happy. Me.

Me. Last night. 100% embracing the shine. Most of you didn’t know me a year ago – but this was not the woman I saw in the mirror.

I had just lost my dream job and was physically and mentally unable to leave my apartment. I wore yoga clothes every day that never touched a mat and refused to talk to anyone (except my husband) – I texted or messengered with a handful of very close friends and my brothers. I watched a lot of daytime tv. I held my Puggle on my lap for hours and cried a lot. Then one day, I wandered over to the local yoga studio near my community and took a class; then signed up for the free week and somehow decided to pursue teacher training (actually I know exactly how that happened, my husband thought it would make me happy again to be around people who shared the same physical and spiritual mentality that I once had, but that’s another story).

I remember one of my first classes vividly. Elena was wearing a blue and purple sparkly headband. I thought to myself, I want to be sparkly like her. I want her sweaty, smily glow. I want her calm composure, and I REALLY want her headband lol. The more I practiced, the better I felt – physically and mentally. Learning to teach gave me purpose and helped me find a new dimension to my spirit and personality. I read Kathryn Budig’s book Aim True and it was mind blowing when I couldn’t think of 3 things I was good at or able to right a love letter to myself. I’ve always considered myself intuitive and empathetic, and I let those 2 traits guide me.

I know I wasn’t the most experienced yogi in teacher training and I definitely struggled and felt challenged. But the growth, the metamorphic change from who I had become on March 2016 to who I am today is nothing short of miraculous. I still have a ways to go, as a teacher and as the woman I want to be, but here I am one year later (almost to the day), here I am – happy, grounded, centered and very, very sparkly.IMG_0826

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