Beer me…in Salt Lake City?

Did someone say beer? I think one of the most common misconceptions we heard about living in Salt Lake is that there are no bars (or coffee shops) – fortunately for the Wookies who love their beer, this is completely false. In downtown SLC alone there are at least 5 breweries (that we’ve already visited – there are a couple more we still need to get to) and numerous brew pubs and bars. What makes it challenging is all of the laws, regulations and zoning issues. If you want a draft beer it’s going to be 3.2% ABV, however if you order the same beer in a bottle it might be 7% or higher. Some bars are zoned so that you can’t order a drink unless you also order food, some bars just need to say they “offer” food (one brewery actually had chips & salsa for $250 on the menu) and others have what’s known as the Zion Curtain where alcohol can’t be served in view of children (you can drink it in front of them though lol). But have no fear, you can visit us in SLC and we’ll take you out for a beer or 3, in fact we already have a favorite neighborhood hangout! #uniquelyUtah #SLClife #beerme #wookiesmovinwest

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