Boogie…Do You Wanna Do Doga?

So evidently, Doga is a thing. No, seriously, I found Yoga Postures to do With Your Dog  and More Doga on Pinterest (the greatest time sink of all time, maybe even bigger than Facebook). There are actually several books available on Amazon, but Doga: Yoga for You and Your Dog  looks to be the leading resource! I can’t wait to practice with Boogie!

I’ve been thinking a lot about yoga and professionalism. Coming from 30+ years in the corporate and non profit world, I’ve found one of my biggest challenges has been relaxing into the laid back (transient?) life of  a yogi. Namaste?

I found  The Yoga Teacher Manifesto (on Pinterest, of course). Here are a few of the points that really spoke to me, but the whole article is a worthwhile read for all yogis, new or seasoned.

1. Be prepared – demonstrate competency by being organized and professional.

2. Serve your students – it’s about them. Maintain student confidentiality and appropriate professional boundaries.

3. Make yourself available – connect with students after class, return emails and phone calls in a timely way.

4. Keep it real – Be a positive example of authenticity. Don’t just pretend to be a yoga teacher. Instead be yourself.

5. Remember this is not a popularity contest – stop competing with fellow teachers and avoid the humble brag or other ways of comparison.

6. Show up and be present – put aside your drama and tune in to those students in front of you.

In other news…The yoga goddesses had my back today! I started this journey last spring with the goal in mind that I would be a Sculpt teacher –  combo strength + conditioning with yoga. Well, long story short – the YS Teacher Training wasn’t being offered, so I took the full on 200-hour PYTT thinking I’d still be able to teach Sculpt. Unfortunately that’s not how it works at CPY and I just couldn’t  justify the expense of a second teacher training. I was teetering on the edge today of just begging George to let me take the course. With all of the YS sub requests, I’d more than make back the investment. And then, it happened…a weekend Intensive for YS teachers in Baltimore! Proof positive, if you put it ou there the universe takes care of you. Excited! Can’t wait to hear my “hooah” teacher voice!

Namaste for now 🙏🏻


I’m on fire

In today’s practice we focused on the maipura chakra…its element fire. its color, yellow and its center, the abdomen. As Diana explained its primary functions – will, determination, assertion, personal power, anger – I couldn’t help my thoughts from going to Boogie.

Yes, our 5-year puggle, Boogie. A puggle is a hybrid (George says expensive mutt) bred from the combination of a Beagle mom and a Pug dad. Boogie is very strong willed, stubborn and super smart. We’ve been spending a lot of time together now that I’m home more and we have fights. We fight during his walks – I want him to focus on the “business at hand” so to speak; he wants to smell every blade of grass, flower and up recognizable piece pf trash. We fight over sneakers, dish towels, pens or anything else he can use to get my attention when I’m cooking or on the phone, or reading. We fight over how much of our queen size bed belongs to whom; AND more than anything else, we fight over food. Puggles are extremely food obsessed, and Boogie believes what’s mine is his.

As I brought myself back to the present, the studio and today’s work with this chakra, I couldn’t help but think about power and individuality – mine and Boogie’s. There are very few areas of my life where I feel powerless. By bringing my solar plexus into healthy alignment, will I become more powerful? As we continued to twist and crunch and balance, working our abs and navel region, I let my thoughts wander to other times in my life when I have struggled with power – at home over money, at work over job responsibilities or recognition, with friends (usually driven by fomo).

Are these power struggles coincidences or do they truly represent a misaligned manipura chakra? I don’t know. As I continue this journey, I expect I will uncover more questions than answers. But right now, I think Boogie wants to take me for  walk 🐶

Class Notes: Today’s class was C1.5 with Diana. This class was much faster paced than c1 and I felt like I was getting more of a workout. She is very focused on alignment and proper execution of postures. I felt like I was assisted much more than ever before…obviously my alignment needs a lot of work. Diana offered some very simple adjustments – I need to work on my hip and spine alignment.

A couple physical insights from today’s practice, I tried the modification offered for chaturanga and went from high plank directly to down dog and realized how strong my abs have become! yay – big win for me. I struggled with a kneeling bind. Note to self, ask Diana it’s name.