Run, Daryl, Run

Two years ago as part of my journey to becoming a happier and healthier (post menopausal) girl, I started running.

Let me rephrase that. I started taking running seriously. From time to time in the past, I had toyed with the idea of “going out for a run” — a turkey trot with my Dad, trying to impress a “new guy” that I thought could be “the one” and when George and I first moved in together, the romantic notion of a Sunday morning run along the lakefront. I hated every minute of every run. Seriously.

But, this time, I didn’t just lace up my sneakers and take off. I downloaded the Couch25K app, I bought good running shoes and comfortable running clothes, I set a goal date for my first officially timed 5K and I ran the LM 5K to set a baseline (44:03), which for the record, I just barely finished. I wasn’t dressed to run, it was hot, my earbuds didn’t stay in my ears…it was all around miserable. But look at that smile. The endorphins had started to work their magic and I was hooked.


I’m not going to lie, starting a running program in June in the DMV is probably not the easiest start; but I persevered. I ran 4 days a week in combo with strength training and yoga. Couch25K uses the walk/run method, gradually shortening the walks and lengthening the runs – I still remember the first day the app wanted me to run 10 minutes straight, I panicked. But when the bing bong signaled that I finished the 25 minute workout I admit that I was pretty proud of myself.

And just like that, it was August 8th and the Crimesolvers 5K, the day I had set as my first officially timed race. I was still about 25 pounds away from my weight goal and had only finished the program 3 days before, but I finished and I set my first PR (37:15). I loved it.

Two years later, I have newer sneakers, fancier running clothes and a dozen 5Ks and a couple 10Ks under my belt. My current 5K PR is 29:55 set last year at the Old Busthead Brewery 5K. The 3rd annual 5K to benefit Finley’s Green Leap Forward Fund takes place October 29th – join me Old Busthead Benefit 5K

I continue to evolve as a runner and am in training right now for my first half marathon (Annapolis Running Classic November 19). I ran the ARC 10K last year and had a bit of a snafu and ran about 7 miles instead of 6 after missing the 10K turnoff!


This time, I’m just going for it with the goal of finishing all 13.1 miles in less than 2:30 hours (As an incentive, George said I could add a special charm to my Tiffany charm bracelet if I finish)! I’ve also signed up to be a community coach for the Girls on the Run program at a local elementary school.

Also, this past year, George and I joined a running (and drinking/socializing) club! Wait…what? Yep, we’re called the Trottin’ Oxen (in homage to the Ashburn-based Old Ox Brewery that serves as our start/finish host and hang out). Join us some Saturday morning or Tuesday evening – Trottin Oxen. We run the WO&D trail and “rehydrate” after! We’ve even done some local runs together.


And, of course we “represent” when we’re running out and about!


Next month, I’ll be riding along and blogging as the Golden Malts and Alpha Hops compete in the team’s first Reebok Ragnar DC!

I’ll be right there with the Trottin Oxen runners from the van decorating party at the brewery on September 15th through all 206.7 miles of the relay! From the 5am start September 16th in Cumberland, MD, through forest trails, scenic paths, charming historic towns, in the shadows of the Lincoln and Washington monuments and across the finish line at DC’s Yards Park sometime September 17th and I can’t wait! I hope you will all follow along on the new Trottin Oxen blog!

I guarantee it’s going to be epic! Who knows, maybe next year, I’ll be a Ragnarian, too! MAYBE.