I’m back – and thinking about yoga and frogs and soup

Today’s the day that I realized what’s missing. I haven’t been blogging since PYTT ended in August and I miss the outlet of putting my thoughts to paper.

I’m sitting in my brand new “zen den” listening to music and working on sequences for my upcoming classes, in my favorite comfy chair that’s been buried under stuffed animals, abandoned blankets and once favorite, but not so much anymore t-shirts for almost 2 years. Ok, the zen den is really just the second bedroom, cleaned out, minus the lumpy mattress with the split box springs that I had to buy to fit up the stairs of the townhouse in Baldwinsville in 2011. It has a nice open space for me to practice, my comfy chair for reading and writing and all of our comforters folded in the corner that make a perfect nest for Boogie to keep an eye on me. It’s not the perfect home studio, but my little temporary zen den is perfect for now – it’s all mine and it holds the promise of a future zen den. A zen den that will have soothing earth tone walls with stenciled woo woo yogi quotes, a meditation pillow and blankets and a giant Manduka yoga mat. My future zen den will smell like essential oils, have lots of light and hardwood floors. I can’t wait.

So, I graduated from PYTT (and completed Extensions) and it was hard. Much harder than I expected; especially teaching the free community classes. Not so much because I wasn’t capable of teaching, but I put so much pressure on myself to compete with the other yogis2b (my OMies), that every class, every coaching session, every partner teach became an anxiety ridden practice in self doubt. Argh. I need to work on the stories I tell myself.

Nonetheless, I began teaching for real this week! Two classes at Vita and one C1 at CPY under my belt. I also have an audition/practice teach at Feels Like OM this Sunday. Right now, permanent schedule looks to be:

Sunday 2:30 Open Flow at Feels Like OM
Monday 7pm Vita
Friday 4:45 C1 at CPY Fairfax Corner
Saturday 8:30a Vita

Saturday – my first class at Vita – was a complete newbie. I can’t say I FAILED, but clearly I could have done more for her, especially since it was just us. What I did was power through the C1 practice. In hindsight, I should have just picked out the Sun A and Sun B postures and had a posture clinic. If she had mastered those she most likely would’ve felt more accomplished and empowered. I hope she comes back this week. Monday’s Vita class was better – 2 experienced yogis and a newbie. We got through C1. Then the real teat, I subbed C1 at Merrifield for Kimberly. I read a quote by Mark Twain once; “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day!” Merrifield was my live frog…Friday, my first class at Fairfax Corner can only get better!

I just made the most unbelievable pot of soup! I forgot to suspend the From the Farmer basket and ended up with leeks, potatoes and cabbage. Fortunately, I still had the leftovers and carcass from Monday’s “go to chicken!” Voila…homemade stock and a delicious pot of chicken/veggie/rice soup for dinner! I love being creative in the kitchen (and Boogie loves chicken).

Upcoming goals…just 4 more weeks till the Annapolis Half. Training runs need to be a priority, the Army 10 Miler was tough! I also want to test in to teach C2 at CPY; lots more opportunity to sub in C2. Designing sequences that I can practice with the Vita clients.


It’s sumsumsummertime!!!!

Boom! Following the past few months of cold , wet so-called “Spring,” it’s finally here! My favorite season of the year…SUMMER!

I love longer days and shorter nights, wearing shorts, after dinner ice cream cones while walking Boogie, fireworks, fresh veggies, grilling outside, chilled lobster, drinking cold white wine (except Chardonnay, which I learned in Napa is much more delicious as it warms to room temperature), rooftop bars, baseball, the beach and of course, MY BIRTHDAY!

The one thing I don’t love is HUMIDITY and unfortunately, here in the DMV subtropical humidity goes hand in hand with 90+ degree temps. Things I’m not looking forward to include runs after 9:30 am, trying to walk Boogie in the middle of the afternoon (Puggles are notriously heat sensitive), warm showers and above all else, cooking.

Today, I’ve been scouring my Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter feeds for summer recipes and make ahead dinner ideas – preferably ones that cook on top of the stove and super quickly! Our apartment already heats up in the afternoon thanks to the Western exposure and can be unbearable by bedtime!

Here’s a few I know are going to making and appearance very soon…which reminds me that I want to upgrade my spiralizer and find a 2-burner stovetop grill pan.

Skinnytaste Grilled Romaine, Corn and Chicken Salad

Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa

Spiralized Greek Salad (I need to find my favorite Michael Symon Greek Chicken Thighs recipes, too)

I’m also bound and determine to master a hi-protein smoothie bowl and some yummy overnight oats jars for cold breakfasts and some chilled dinners I can make ahead and bring with me to Power Yoga Teaching Training, that starts TOMORROW (yay!!)




With apologies to Omar Khayyam

Since I’ve been home a lot the past few weeks, dinner has become a big part of my day. Planning the menu, converting the recipes and calculating the macros in myfitnesspal.com, shopping for groceries, the actual meal preparation (and of course, taking pictures) and finally, playing and serving the meal for George (accompanied by taking more pictures). I can stretch dinner into an all day event. Today, I actually have other things to do though; so voila, I’ve created a new Friday night “tradition,” pasta night! The sauce is simmering as we speak and thanks to Wegman’s and one of our favorite Fauquier County (VA) vineyards Three Fox Vineyards dinner will be on the table in less than 20 minutes tonight! Can’t wait to end the week with “A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou.”

Until next time…keep on sweating!

ps – Congratulations to John and Holli Todhunter of Three Fox Vineyards on winning 4 medals at the 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, including the wine we’re sharing tonight, the 2013 Piomontese Nebbiolo (bronze).