Pass the milk

I read an article yesterday that said @banburycdonuts were the best in Utah; a claim that just challenged me to try them for myself (I grew up on Montgomery Donuts so the bar is set high) and after painting all day, I felt I deserved a treat! So when I “happened” to drive by on my way back to the apartment, there was no stopping me! I walked in and asked what the best flavors were and the guy behind the counter says “don’t overthink it!” I took that to mean they’re all equally delicious and ordered 2 of everything they still had on the shelves…Note to self go first thing in the morning next time! Now how many more hours till George gets home? #utahfoodie #uniquelyUtah #wookiesmovinwest #unexpectedmoments @BANBURYCDONUTS

It’s the Easter Bunny, Boogie Wolke!

We took Boogie to Murray, Utah today for his first Easter Egg Hunt! Once he caught on that the plastic eggs were filled with treats he had a blast searching through the tall grass and gobbling up everything he found. 

And, like most human 6-year olds he wasn’t wild about his visit with the Bunny! Wheeler Historic Farm was an operational farm from 1853 to 1943. It is now operated by Salt Lake Parks & Recreation as an agricultural living history museum and outdoor recreation site. 

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Flower Power

72 degrees, no humidity and a bright blue sky practically willed us to take a long walk and grab a picnic lunch from Harmon’s today. Our destination was City Creek – and Ann Taylor – I wanted a new outfit to wear tomorrow night to celebrate closing on our new home with our new friends. But, Boogie was being a good boy and after I shopped, we decided to walk across Temple Square.

And, then we found this…

And my mind was officially blown.
Valentine’s Day roses 🌹may pull my emotional heartstrings, and I love the surprise of a bouquet of flowers 💐for my birthday. But, if you really want to know the truth, I’m a sucker for spring flowers. I don’t know whether to blame it on Christian LaCroix, Betsy Johnson or Claude Monet, but I’d trade all the other flowers in the world for a field blooming with masses of tulips, pansies, irises, violets and daffodils.🌸🌺🌷🌼
Every year, the Temple Square gardens famously bloom into a French Parterre Garden – a garden planted to form a design – and literally thousands of spring blossoms take over the 35 acres! To learn more read Temple Square Gardens – How do they do it?